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At the beginning of the path,Uttarayan was directed by renowned Rabindra Sangeet artist and teacher Lily Islam, together with another Rabindra Sangeet artist and teacher Himadri Shekhar in 30th July, 2010. The aim was to develop Bengali music at grassroots level in Bangladesh, in line with the practice and values.As because our ideologyis Rabindranath Tagore, therefore we have tried to extent Rabindranath Tagore’s lyrics, tunes and songs to everyone.

The beginning of Uttarayan as a music organization. After that, every year the organization’s program is consistently inspired from enthusiasm, blessings, accolades and citations of everyone. In the 7th year of the journey towards the success of its organizational work, today is going to be the result in a large academy.Researching  Rabindranath and his different aspects of work and make subject-oriented presentation, is the particularity of the Uttarayan . And Uttarayan has become very well known to everyone with this aspect.There are many diversified thoughts in the program planning, as well as the Uttarayan academy has been set up to establish such a diverse educational institution. Physical, emotional, and cultural development needed for the development of a complete human and Uttarayan has succeeded in helping every one onthis places. Along with the practice of music, yoga practice and studying Rabindranath, will enrich a person’s thinking and develop intellectuality. It is our conviction that if all the wishes continue, our future plans will also be implemented in such a way.
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Rabindranath, the famous Bengali poet, sometimes referred to as “The Bird of Bengal”, has paved to many wonderful creativity. His delightful and mammoth creation has made us rich, we feel it in every spare of life.


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UTTARAYAN participates different cultural events over the year. We celebrating International Mother Language Day on February 21 by participating in ‘Amar Ekushe Grantha Melā ’ cultural event, organize by Bangla Academy.


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