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Lily Islam

‘আমাদের সংস্কৃতি ভাষা যেরূপ মৃত ভাষা আমাদের সংগীত শাস্ত্র সেই রূপ মৃত শাস্ত্র। ইহাদের প্রাণ বিয়োগ হইয়াছে, কেবল দেহসাত অবশিষ্ট আছে।‘ – রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর

In the earth, the number of unresponsive is more, because it is not possible for the ordinary people to give life in the body, not even for the extraordinary. But if the soul dies, but the body remains, then a wonderful creative talent can create life on it, such as Rabindranath.He has given life to our fatal music scripture over the world.

Just planting on the soil, can’t make a tree large. To make a tree large, to transform trees into forests, require intensive care. The care of our music has also been done by Rabindranath by establishing Santiniketan.I think a small achievement from the many achievements of Santiniketan, the music organization ‘Uttarayan’. Proudly, I want to say that the only inspiration behind ‘Uttarayan’ is Rabindranath Tagore and his Santiniketan.

From the time of studying in Shantiniketan, I have cherished a dream to build a music organization. The affection of the teachers of Santiniketan has given inspiration to the realization of my dream, has given strength to power.

In fact, I felt the unrivaled contribution of teachers to build quality people, in Santiniketan. If you can not show respect to the priceless gift of Santiniketan in front of the educators,I believe that I can’t be adherent of Rabindranath.

Rabindranath said‘এক দিক হইতে দেখিলে মনে হয় গানের আদর দেশ হইতে চলিয়া গেছে। ছেলেবেলায় কলিকাতায় গাহিয়া-বাজিয়ের ভিড় দেখিয়াছে। এখন এটি খুঁজিয়া মেলা ভার। ওস্তাদ যদি বা জোটে, শ্রোতা জোটানো আরও কঠিন।‘  Isn’t it still true? We want to break this situation. Therefore, one of the main objectives of Uttarayan is to increase the practice of pure Bengali classical music and increase the audience throughout the country.

The speech is of people, the song is of nature. People talk about human beings andin song, people meet with universal circumstance. We also want to meet with world same way, In future you want to make a intricate mission to make a inclusive musical organization in Bangladesh.

 Lily Islam

Lily Islam

Himadri Shekhar

When a dream becomes true in reality and if be accomplished successfully, that receiving happiness brings encouragement and pride for all. Today is the day of that happiness. Just a few days back the thought walking through around, now the moment has come for its turn to run. Lili Islam is the dreamer of ‘Uttarayan’, which is actually a musical organization. She first shared her thoughts with me, from my point of view there was no deficient of encouragement. I am totally feeling delightful to pace the path together with her thoughts. And that’s the inauguration of the effort. And those who share further of that contemplation are our students. It would have been harder to work without the effort of their enthusiasm.

After completing University premises those who were scattered, they pledged to join in organizational work with us with high enthusiasm.

Student teacher relationship is unmutilated forever, and these organizational activities might bring them closer to us. And there have been many more thanksgiving with us; they made our way even smoother. Rabindranath is the only inspiration for us that’s why we can walk this way.

Our organization is based on Rabindranath philosophy and it is not possible to go long way without Rabindranath.

We hope the organization can reach so far, that we can announce Rabindranath philosophy to everyone.

I wish all the well wishes and blessings to him on the starting day of Uttarayan.

 Himadri Shekhar

Himadri Shekhar

Our Teachers:

  • Lily Islam
  • Himadri Shekhar

Our Current Members:

  • Shimu Dey
  • Nasrin Khandaker
  • Nusrat Sathi
  • Esrat bithi
  • Falguni Basak
  • Shuvra Debnath
  • Nazmun Nahar Beauty
  • Nahida Sultana
  • Kushal Joy
  • Saiful Islam
  • Tinku Shil
  • Aditi Roy
  • Shrabani Mitra
  • Anamika Paul
  • Anupom Chakraborty
  • Ratan Mazumder
  • Moumita Paul
  • Abhijit Dey
  • Shovon Samadder
  • Gouranga Kundu
  • Sarawsati Mazumder
  • Sandeepa Biswas
  • Parna Devroy
  • Kanta Chakroborty
  • Promila Roy
  • Sourendro Barai
  • Jahidul Islam
  • Rasel Hossen